Why Swinging is becoming so popular

Why Swinging is becoming so popular

Pop culture is increasingly transgressive year after year, advertising images and the acceptance of Porn in mass culture has meant that more and more couples have come forward to explore the libertine world. The “deviant” and denigrating behavior of public opinion has turned into something Cool to explore and tell friends.

But is there more than this? Why is swinging becoming so popular?

Diversity increases desire

It’s no secret that sex can get a little stale and corny between couples who have been together for years. The exchange of partners overcomes this monotony by greatly increasing the sexual desires of the couple not only at the moment of the encounter, but above all when they return to daily life. The imprinted images of the menage remain vivid for a long time functioning – great – as fuel in the bedroom .
” Back to playing, experimenting and having fun like at the beginning ” confess the Couples.

Is it good? Very good. Divorce rates are lower for those with alternative lifestyles, respondents reported higher levels of satisfaction in their personal and intimate relationships.

A complete trust

Why Swinging is becoming so popularThose who live as libertines tend to have the most serene personal experiences. It takes complete and unadulterated trust between partners to successfully embrace swinging . In other words, you can’t NOT trust each other and think about living in this world without letting it become supportive in building an even stronger relationship.

We often talk about jealousy implying that during the game, and here is the mistake, because thanks to swinging you stop being jealous in everyday life, it increases trust in your partner and the complicity of the couple becomes such a common element to merge into a single entity.

Many couples are looking for a transgressive and simplistically sexual experience, but will later discover that there is much, much more.

Couple Swapping is in Fashion

More and more TV programs, magazines and events wink at the Swingers planet, which in the meantime has redone its makeup, becoming more Glamor and Fashionable, actually extending its hand. Nothing wrong, thank goodness. If on the one hand the curious increase, on the other the choice and the possibility of meeting interesting people increases. It seems that women

are leading this revolution , eager to get out of their comfort zone, both for the simple taste of transgressing and for the desire to take their relationship to the next level. Not bad!