Shower Sex: How To Do It, Pros, Cons, and Hidden Dangers

Shower Sex: How To Do It, Pros, Cons, and Hidden Dangers

What to know about sex in the shower

Shower sex is the performance of activities, such as sexual intercourse or masturbation , in the shower. Alone or with a partner, shower sex can be very intriguing, but it’s not without risk and can be terribly uncomfortable to practice.

To make shower sex as sexy (and safe) as it is in your fantasies, follow the guidelines below. Let’s just anticipate that the usual risks deriving from having sexual intercourse (sexually transmitted diseases, candida , bacterial vaginosis , urinary tract infections and unwanted pregnancy) not only do not disappear under the shower water but, in some cases, they can even increase.

Benefits of Sex in the Shower

Since most people are naked while showering, many people see this as an ideal time to get intimate with a partner or themselves. Without forgetting that hot water contributes to feeling at ease and relaxed, making sex physically easier and more pleasant .

Furthermore, the shower lends itself well to a number of activities that go beyond “classic” sexual intercourse, including oral sex and the exploration of each other’s erogenous zones . In other words, taking a shower together can be interpreted as an opportunity to touch, rub and, in general, explore the partner’s body, increase libido and experience new sensations. 

How to Have Safe Sex in the Shower

As much as movies and romance novels portray shower sex as a seamless leap from rubbing foam all over each other to heart-pounding orgasms, in reality the logistics are often more complicated. Not surprisingly, there’s a reason why we don’t usually do anything athletic while we wash: the shower tray is wet and, between shower gel and shampoo , the tiles tend to be very slippery.

What sex positions in the shower?

Not all positions are equally safe when it comes to slips and falls: in the shower, it is imperative to try positions that are comfortable and pleasant (including those that don’t get water in your eyes or accidentally drink it), making sure you are stable . In the shower, you can make love standing up , astride in the cowgirl position or on all fours. Some of the best sex positions in the shower involve sitting or kneeling with the aid of supports such as yoga mats or shower stools.

When in doubt, keep both feet on the ground

GShower Sexetting creative in the shower can be tempting, but considering you’re in a confined, steamy, slippery space, your “go-to” sex positions may not work as well. In the shower, it’s good to start simple and keep both feet on the floor . This will help maintain balance , decreasing the risk of falling . Also, it’s always good to remember that most shower elements aren’t designed to be handles. This means that the soap dish is not designed to support the weight of a leg or to be used as a foot rest, just as the curtain rod or exposed pipes cannot be considered valid supports.

Alternatively, you can opt for seated sex positions – if you have a shower stool, you can use it to your advantage (you’re less likely to fall over!).

Another tip is to invest in a stable, sturdy, textured non-slip bath mat that grips the shower floor and helps prevent harmful accidents . More friction equals more safety and if you are standing, the mat will make it much more comfortable.

Furthermore, it is possible to use the walls of the shower as a support, avoiding however leaning on the sliding glass doors.

Don’t give up on foreplay

Even if the shower is big enough to practice aerobics, it’s still worth starting intercourse in the shower and continuing to the bedroom. Under the jet of water, you can focus on discovering the reactions of your partner’s body: soaping each other, taking your time and enjoying every moment is a great way to increase complicity and sexual excitement. In other words, shower sex shouldn’t be all about penetration and orgasm.

Beware of potential irritations

First, water is not a substitute for lubricant, nor is soap and anything else that is used in its place: shower gel, shampoo and other hygiene products available in the shower can be irritating for external genitalia ( vulvapenis ), not to mention how much worse things can get if they get inside them (vagina).

The tricky thing about shower sex is that the natural lubrication actually tends to wash away as the water falls on the body. Therefore, even if you don’t usually use a lubricant , it is possible to resort to these products to have sex in the shower, considering those based on silicone , because they have a thick consistency and tend to perform longer. Another option are water-based lubricants, the effect of which however is less protracted over time, or those based on oil. The latter, however, can damage latex, so if it is used as a barrier method, the product may compromise its safety.

Attention! The rules of safe sex don’t magically change the moment you’re covered in water, so to protect yourself inside the shower, it’s a good idea to take the same precautions you would take outside.

Speaking of safe sex : Being in the shower doesn’t automatically negate the rules of hygienic sex , like never going directly from anal to vaginal intercourse without taking steps like swapping out an old condom for a new one. This will help you avoid passing gastrointestinal bacteria, including E. coli , into areas such as the vagina and urethra , where they could cause infections, such as cystitis .

Last consideration: keep in mind that the slipperiness that makes lube great for sex can compromise your balance in the shower, so be careful of any accidental spills. The same goes for soap, shower gel and shampoo.

Falling isn’t the only way you could get hurt

Between the positions you’re practically forced into when having sex in the shower, coupled with the fact that everything is more slippery, the chances of your penis bending at an odd angle are greater than in any other sexual situation.

Men can actually be at risk of breaking their penis if it bends or breaks during an overly audacious sexual position. As a result, the penis becomes very swollen and bruised and requires a trip to the emergency room to avoid serious functional damage.

Don’t stay wet for too long

Avoid staying in the shower for too long: damp private parts are a breeding ground for bacteria and fungi, so it’s good to make sure you dry your genitals well after sex in the shower (to learn more: vaginosis or candida?).

Note : you can lean your body against the shower surfaces, but only if they are clean . Maybe the hair on the filter and the suds aren’t that off-putting to some people, but these definitely don’t exactly help create an environment conducive to having sex in the shower.

4 misconceptions about sex in the shower

  1. Shower sex doesn’t necessarily have to reflect “performances” in movies (see Dear John and Fifty Shades Darker, for two examples) or novels. While you can practice different sex positions in the shower, you don’t need to engage in the ones you’re not comfortable with.
  2. Sex in the shower does not necessarily imply actual coital intercourse . Some sexual activities in the shower can be done alone, through masturbation. Foreplay, oral sex, mutual masturbation, petting and other stimulations useful for continuing the experience in a more comfortable room than the bathroom can be practiced with the partner .
  3. Sex in the shower does not protect against sexually transmitted infections (STIs), indeed it can increase the risk: the water does not prevent contracting gonorrheachlamydiagenital herpesgenital warts or HIV. In other words, shower sex is not protective against the transmission of sexually transmitted diseases.
  4. Water affects natural lubrication, predisposing to irritation of the vulva and penis during shower sex, which could actually increase the risk of transmission of certain diseases due to the fact that skin and mucous membranes are more vulnerable to friction and clutches.

Condom in the shower

Condoms may be less effective in the shower, but – as long as they stay on the penis – they reduce the risk of contracting STDs and/or bacterial infections.

How to use the condom in the shower

Condoms can break due to water, so they must be worn outside, before entering the shower, or, in any case, always when the penis is dry , without letting air enter the reservoir. Even during sexual intercourse in the shower, it is good to check that:

  • The water does not enter (considering the adherence of the condom, this should be more difficult);
  • The condom won’t slip off or break during the most acrobatic maneuvers: unfortunately, condoms are more likely to slip when wet.

Another thing already mentioned above that it is good to keep in mind: if the water contains chemicals such as chlorine or additives , such as bath oil or bubble bath (although the chances of a bubble bath shot from the shower head are slim, they can be on , walls and glass), may damage a latex condom in the same way as oil-based lubricants.


Although some urban legends claim otherwise, it is possible to get pregnant by having sex in the shower.

Sex in the Shower and Pregnancy: Can You Get Pregnant in the Shower?

Shower water doesn’t guarantee any contraceptive protection, therefore it doesn’t prevent you from getting pregnantsperm can survive up to 4 days in the female reproductive system and washing away the ejaculate after intercourse is not enough to prevent unwanted pregnancies.

Regardless of the external environment, sperm ejaculated into the vagina increases the chances of getting pregnant; in fact, the spermatozoa can fertilize the egg if the woman is in her fertile period.

Therefore, if you are not intentionally trying to become pregnant it is advisable not to rely on water or gravity as a contraceptive: better to use more reliable methods such as condoms. Conception can certainly also take place in a tub, in a swimming pool or at the sea.